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Massage Therapy at The Spa

Massage as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many cultures. Promotes relaxation, relief and revitalization.

*All massage minutes equal FULL hands-on time.  Please add 15 minutes for consultation and wardrobe changes.*

NEW Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is a highly effective therapeutic technique that utilizes suction to assist with deep tissue work.  It promotes overall good health by helping revive, detoxify and stimulate proper blood flow.  The suction creates a vacuum drawing old stagnant blood and fluids to the skin's surface and allows fresh oxygenated blood to rush in and replace it.  Once the toxins are pulled to the skin's surface our lymphatic and circulatory systems assist in removing them.  This process can cause slight discoloration which is harmless but could last up to a few weeks. Cupping can be beneficial in reducing joint and muscle pain, expediting recovery time by promoting healing, relieving headaches, and reducing inflammation.  It is recommeded to drink plenty of water after your treatment to assist with the flushing of the toxins that have been released. (Please note that for safety reasons, plastic suction cups are used during the massage session.) Add $15 to any massage session.

Bamboo Massage
Experience this full body Swedish massage utilizing various  warm bamboo sticks of varying shapes and sizes.  This massage  reduces tension and stress and provides welcomed relief from tight muscles and tendons, and stimulates the flow of blood and lymph, leaving you wonderfully relaxed and revitalized.
75 minutes: $105

Swedish Massage
A great choice for the first-time massage experience, young adults or the elderly.  This classic, soothing full-body massage uses light to medium pressure to relax tense muscles as well as your mind. Provides the ultimate in relaxation and tension relief.
90 minutes: $115
75 minutes: $95
60 minutes: $75
45 minutes: $60
30 minutes: $50

Therapeutic Massage
This massage uses firm to deeper pressure and helps alleviate chronic tension by releasing knotted muscles. Relieves stress, flushes toxins and benefits the lymph flow throughout the body.
90 minutes: $125
75 minutes: $105
60 minutes: $85
45 minutes: $65
30 minutes: $55

Hot Stone Massage
Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Heated stones penetrate and loosen tightened tissues, releasing toxins, relieving stiffness and restoring energy. A perfect way to make a mind-body-soul connection.
Add $10 to any service

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
A blended version of therapeautic and swedish massage. This massage treatment will focus on a therapy request to work primarily the back, neck and shoulder area. Perfect for those who are looking for specific relief from pain due to stress or tension and prefer firm to deeper pressure.
30 minutes: $55
45 minutes: $65
60 minutes: $85

Prenatal Massage
Relieve and rejuvenate with a massage created specifically for expectant mothers and their changing bodies on one of our specially designed massage pillow options. Allows for much needed back relief, relaxes tense muscles and improves circulation and mobility. 

Please be aware, it is ALWAYS highly advised to check with your physician or wait until you are entering your second trimester before scheduling a massage session.
60 minutes: $85
45 minutes: $65
30 minutes: $55

Couples' Massage
Enjoy a relaxing side-by-side massage with a partner or friend.  Truly a unique way to share an occasion together.
60 minute hands-on massage: $150

The Spa's Serenity Whirlpool Bath

Feel tension drift away with a luxurious soak in The Spa's whirlpool tub for two.  Highly recommended either before or after your body treatments.
25 minutes: $25




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