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Frequently Asked Questions

Chemical Peels

Before your peel:

*Discontinue the use of any topical skincare products with a low pH or known irritants 3-5 days before your treatment (i.e. glycolic/lactic, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, hydroquinone, Retin-A, etc).
*Do not have any facial fair removal/waxing done 1 week before your peel.
*Do not use a tanning bed or sunbathe 1 week before your peel.
*Do not shave or exfoliate the day of your peel.

After your peel:

*Keep your skin hydrated and protected with SPF of 30 or more.
*No need for additional exfoliation for 1 week.
*Do not use any active ingredients or known irritants on your skin for 72 hrs.
*Do not have hair removal/waxing done in the area treated for 2 weeks.
*Do not pick or peel at flaking skin.  This could cause hyperpigmentation.
*Do not go swimming for 72 hrs.
* Stay out of hot showers, saunas, excessive exercising for 72 hrs.
*If applying make-up mineral make-up is best or tinted spf moisturizer.
*Stay cool and hydrated. 



 Will my hair grow back darker or thicker?  No; vellus hair is different than terminal and you cannot change the function of the hair.  It will initially feel a little blunt when it starts to grow back but that is normal. 

After your dermaplaning treatment you will want to follow the same guidelines as the post peel instructions above.

Overly oily or breakout-prone skin will want to ensure they continue to use a gentle BHA or acne gel post treatment to prevent further breakouts.  Our hair follicles help "flick" oil out of the pores so if the hair is removed you will need to ensure you are keeping it clear with the proper skincare at home.


Body Waxing

 Before your waxing appointment:

*Do not go to a tanning bed or sunbathe 72 hrs before your appointment.
*Do not use known irritants such as glycolic,lactic, salicylic or Retin-A 72 hours before.
*If you are using Accutane you are unable to have waxing done for at least 6 months after you have stopped.
*48 hrs before your body waxing you can gently exfoliate the area for easier hair removal.  The face does not need this extra exfoliation.

After your waxing appointment:

*Wait 48 hrs before excessive exercise.  Sweat can irritate or infect the recently waxed area.
*Do not sunbathe or go tanning for 72 hrs.  Always wear SPF of 30 or more.
*Do not go swimming or use a hot tub/sauna for 72 hrs.
*After 24 hrs you can gently exfoliate if prone to ingrown hairs.
*Do not use any known irritants in the area recently waxed for 72 hrs.







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